Total Waste Management

Solutions for all your hazardous waste streams fully compliant with environmental regulations.

By-product Synergy

Collaborates with industries to convert one industry’s waste into valuable raw materials for another, by offering an innovative solution to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Zero Landfill

Our partnership with industry results in increase diversion rate until industry potentially reach zero landfill.

Industries We Serve

SWM is composed of strategists, metallurgical engineers, technical analysts, HSE specialist – all ready to assist you to reduce waste and recover valuable resources.

Oil and Gas


Iron and Steel

Our Distinction

SWM offers customized joint research, planning, and implementation based on the clients needs. Through our years of experience, we have refined several offerings that provide a custom project within a standardized structure.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s crucial for long-term profitability. It goes beyond being efficient and doing more with less. It’s about being innovative now and making your business more resilient for the future. Our specialists will help you find innovative ways to obtain value out of your waste. This includes everything from materials to transportation. Regardless of how far you’ve traveled down the path to sustainability, SWM offers tailored services to meet you where you are. With help of our proven technologies and acquired experiences we can help you find the solutions you need.